For four generations, the name ‘Vanneste’ has been a quality reference in the logistics sector. With our motivated team of logistics experts, we analyse how your logistics flow can be optimized, including cost savings and an environmentally friendly way of working. That is how we develop streamlined, tailor-made processes for our clients.


    A tight organization and short communication channels are the recipe for our success. Every employee knows his or her task into the tiniest details. We react swiftly and consult in an efficient way as to solve problems in a quick and accurate manner. The management maintains a personal contact with the drivers on a daily basis. This way, they know exactly what is going on in the field. 


    For several years now, we can proudly present the following certificates:
    • ISO 9001
    • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)
    • FCA (Feed Chain Alliance)

    A capable, security-conscient and customer-oriented staff

    Security is a top priority in all our projects. Therefore, we collaborate with an external security advisor who supervises the implementation of every security regulation. Furthermore, every driver receives the necessary training to be able to respect the security regulations of our clients. By working exclusively with Belgian drivers, a smooth communication with our customers can be guaranteed.

    A sense of realism and punctuality

    We only accept assignments where we can guarantee the punctual and correct completion. Maybe we cannot perform any miracles, but what we can do, we take care of down to the last detail!


    The Planning team and the drivers permanently keep in contact over the mobile phone and the on-board computer. Every assignment is teamwork. Together, they anticipate every unforeseen change in the delivery and the traffic situation. Furthermore, the client can track his goods in real time at any given moment.

    Exceptionally clean and well-maintained long-distance vehicles

    All maintenance and repair of our vehicles is being carried out by our own mechanic. Our in-house truck-wash allows us to keep our fleet shining like new every time we take the road. 

    Environmentally conscious

    We limit our CO2-emissions through a modern fleet equipped with Euro 6 – motors. In addition, our drivers regularly follow an eco-driving course to drive economically and environmentally consciously.

    Direct contact with the client

    Georges and Koen Vanneste insist on taking the road in a truck themselves from time to time, in order to keep in touch with the wishes and needs of the clients. It also helps them to stay on top of evolutions at the operational level, and to adjust processes where needed.  

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